Contained herein are links to various expositions on subjects in physics, particularly special and general relativity. Most of these were written by me in the past and posted to the Usenet newsgroup sci.physics in response to various questions.

What happens to a long rigid rod as it accelerates? Can Lorentz contraction break a string?

Does anything weird happen at the event horizon? More than what you may have been told. This essay demonstrates that the weight of a suspended observer goes to infinity as he approaches the event horizon.

Excellent article by Ian Redmount on the tension of a suspended cable over a black hole.

Here is a posting I wrote describing the environment surrounding a rotating black hole.

Excellent article by Ian Redmount describing the growth of the event horizon.

Do gravitationally accelerated charges radiate. In which direction do the field lines of a moving source point? Check here for the answer.

Are you tense about Tensors?

What is all this stuff about covectors and covariant derivatives?

Thomas precession, or what happens to a gerbil running real fast on a wheel.

Marble game of the gods, or how to build sub stellar mass black holes!

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